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Traditional elders curse Corona virus

A section of Kipsgis Council of elders held prayers to curse the new deadly Coronavirus that is slowly spreading in the counties.

The  Myoot Council of Elders led by their Vice Chairman, Christopher Bore congregated along River Ndong’ur at Melelo ward in Narok West Sub County  where they performed rituals and prayers to curse the disease out of the country.

Mzee Bore said the fast spreading virus will be finished through a series of rituals performed by the council of elders as they have done so in similar circumstances and conquered.

“We have invited our political leaders in this ritual because we want a representative from the government as we seek divine intervention over this calamity,” said Mzee Bore.

The solemn event on Monday began by leaders silently walking to River Ndong’ur where locals had also convened to witness the rare rituals.

One local elder began by breaking small sticks into 30 meter long, shared apiece each to those performing the ritual before they began calling upon the gods in their Kipsigis dialect.

The senior most elder later firmly held a fly whisk, led a long prayer as he called on spirits of the land to intervene and keep other evils at bay.

This was soon followed by a Christian prayers where they called on God to intervene over the virus too, as everyone lifted up their hands in silence.

Mzee Bore said that according to his community customs and beliefs, when such plagues would wreak havoc in the past, elders would come together and perform similar ritual.

Another elder, Mzee Philip Kositany said that the rituals also consisted of condemning the diseases to eternal damnation, where it would be judged on the judgment day for claiming the lives of so many innocents.

Kositany who is also the council’s coordinator recalled that in 1986, a comet was spotted across the sky which symbolized bloodshed and was immediately cursed by elders and the evil was not witnessed again.

A Member of County Assembly, Philemon Aruasa emphasized the need for all members of the society and the public to adhere to government measures and directives in order to contain the spread of Covid- 19.

By  Ann  Salaton

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