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Tragedy as 12 year old gets mauled to death by twelve dogs

A family in Gombe village in Bondo Sub County is in mourning after their ten-year-old son was mauled to death by German shepherd dogs yesterday afternoon.

The deceased Gerald Otieno is reported to have met his untimely death when a friend, whose parents were not at home let lose the dogs and asked Otieno to help him take the dogs for a stroll.

According to West Migwena sub location assistant Chief Mr. Benard Nyerere, who confirmed the bizarre incident, the 12 fierce and hungry dogs immediately pounced on the helpless Otieno killing him instantly.

Nyerere added the hounds only left few body parts and clothes the boy was wearing.

The administrator revealed that the deceased’s friend who had released the dogs failed to report the incident and when Otieno took long to return home, his mother became anxious and started looking for him.

He said she then bumped on her son’s remains near a stream adding his office was notified and he immediately alerted Bondo police officers who visited the scene and took the remains to Bondo hospital mortuary.

Bondo sub county police commander Ibrahim Kosi stated that they have launched investigations into the incident.

Kosi disclosed that the owner of the dogs and his entire family have not been traced since the incident happened.

By Brian Ondeng’

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