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Train your children to become responsible citizens, parents told

Parents have been challenged to take an active role in training up their children to become responsible people in the future.

Ngului Primary School head teacher Florence Musyoka noted that many families had delegated the task of molding their children to teachers when that responsibility was their lead duty.

Musyoka who was addressing parents after the resumption of learning in the school insisted parents bore the greatest role in inculcating sound morals to their children right from the start until they reach the age where they can make their own informed decisions.

She said discipline was the only key to success in both education and also in future endeavors and as a result, every parent should take the task seriously. “Children often emulate what their parents do or say right from the time they are in their formative years. As a result, we need to set good standards as their mentors to enable them to ape what we do and eventually put the same into practice in their future lives. In the event, we fall short of this, we can be sure we have lost our children for good,” she warned.

The head teacher also advised the pupils to keep off bad company that might introduce them into destructive practices which may end up ruining their future. She said one indiscipline child may end up spoiling an entire group of pupils and called for both the learners and parents to support the school management in curbing such challenges.

Meanwhile Wiper Nominated Ward Rep Angela Munyasya has advised parents whose children failed to perform well in the just-concluded Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) exams to seek alternative training for them.

Munyasia said many candidates who sat for the 2020 KCSE exams but failed to get good grades need the motivation to enable them to explore other options of advancing their career in an area of their choice.

“Candidates who sat for the just concluded KCSE exams but failed to attain grades that can book them an entry into our public universities should be encouraged on how they can advance themselves in an area of their choice. We need to show such children that they still matter and can make it in other areas and become notable persons later in life,” she told reporters in Kabaa, Mbiuni ward, Mwala sub-county.

The MCA also appealed for concerted efforts between parents and education stakeholders to help address the challenge of teenage pregnancy in schools which she noted had impacted negatively on education standards in the area. She also condemned those engaging in sexual affairs with underage girls and termed the practice an affront to the right of the minors.

“While we need to keep talking to our girls on the need to avoid engaging in sex until such a time they have attained the age of maturity, we also need to condemn with the strongest words possible men who are sleeping with such girls. When these girls get pregnant, the burden of taking care of both the baby and the mother becomes an added burden to the family. Let us therefore keep off praying on our children and give them the opportunity to complete their studies and build their careers,” Munyasia said.

By Samuel Maina

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