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Training of Extension Officers

The Nakuru County government has partnered with the National Cereals and Produce Board (NCPB) to train extension officers on the technical know-how during the redemption of the subsidized fertilizer.

The County Agricultural Chief Officer Newton Mwaura, speaking at the Agricultural Training Centre in Soilo said the training will be very significant in ensuring the continuous last-mile distribution of fertilizer across the county.

The last-mile distribution of fertilizer is part of the county’s promise to empower farmers by ensuring they have access to subsidized fertilizer during the short rains season, so as to ensure the nation becomes food secure, especially in the staple food of Ugali.

Mwaura stressed that the major aim of the program is to ease the farmer’s burden in accessing subsidized fertilizer by having the fertilizer near them and in good time, unlike in the past when farmers had to travel long distances.

At the beginning of the year, long and meandering queues were witnessed across the country, when farmers were picking the subsidized fertilizer.

Consequently, a number of farmers made passionate appeal to the national government to ease their strain by devolving distribution closer to farms.

Some farmers suggested the usage of the Kenya Farmers’ Association (KFA) as distribution points since they are closer to farms compared to NCPB which has offices in major towns.

However, some farmers, especially in the colder areas such as Mau-Narok, Molo, and Kuresoi have yet to harvest their maize because it has not dried. The harvesting season for those areas is likely to begin in November.

By Veronica Bosibori

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