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Trans Mara man killed by bullet, pathologist confirms

A postmortem exercise of a victim of clashes carried out in a Kisii hospital has revealed that one casualty earlier said to have been shot with a bullet and arrow was actually killed by the bullet.

Hospital pathologist  at Christamarianne Mission Hospital in Kisii town, Kisii County said that Mr Simeon Oloitiptip was killed by a bullet in Wednesday’s clashes at Enosain and Nkararo border in Trans Mara West, Narok County, and did not have any arrow wound.

Speaking to KNA Dr Peris Njenga, a pathologist who performed postmortem on the body, said Oloitiptip died of internal bleeding in the chest and abdomen caused by a penetrating bullet wound.

“He had an internal injury to the liver which caused the bleeding,” Dr Njenga added.

A DCI officer who witnessed the exercise and sought anonymity said investigations are ongoing to establish the source of the bullet.

Suki Konchela, brother to the deceased, alleged that a police officer shot and injured his brother during the clashes involving two clans living in Enosain and Nkararo border.


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