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Trans Nzoia allay fears of locust

locust invasion in Northern kenya.

The Trans Nzoia County  government  has allayed fears of the presence of desert locusts in parts of Kwanza Sub County.

In an interview with KNA in her office today, the CEC in charge of agriculture Mary Nzomo said that no locust has been spotted in the county.

She said a team of agriculture officers have been trained on the identification of the locusts and information is with the officers on the same.

“The national government trained ten of our officers on locusts identification from normal grasshoppers and we believe that identification will not be a problem,” she said.

According to Nzomo, the ten are training others in the field and any presence of the locusts will easily be identified.

“We are on high alert and our staff have proper information on surveillance, information sharing and control when invasion of locusts occurs,” she said.

She said that her office is working closely with the National government especially on training and information sharing.

Farmers had raised alarm over the presence of locusts in Kwanza and dreaded for loss especially that the planting season is around the corner.

According to Nzomo, desert locusts have been known to invade in non-conducive environment that favours them as they visit these areas destroy vegetation and go back to the environment that favours them.

She said that Trans Nzoia has all the fears especially being a bread basket of the country and given that the locusts are breeding and will hatch somewhere in march when the planting season sets in.

She asked residents to be on high alert and volunteer information to relevant offices for further action.

By Pauline Ikanda




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