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Trans Nzoia imports tomatoes from Uganda

Scarcity of tomatoes in Trans Nzoia has pushed vendors to import the commodity from the neighbouring country.

Speaking to KNA on Monday, the vendors said that too much rainfall had affected tomato production in the region pushing them to import from Uganda at high prices.

One of the supplies of tomatoes, Michael Njuguna said they are buying the commodity from the neighboring country at Sh.9,000 per crate up from Sh.5,000 they were buying from local farmers.

He also attributed the high cost to poor roads leading to Uganda which has pushed up local transport costs.

Locals were buying one kilogramme of tomatoes last week at Sh.70 but are currently buying at Sh.100 per kilogramme. The vendors are also getting tomatoes from Kirinyaga county in Central Kenya.

Most  farmers in the region still hold on traditional ways of tomatoes production making them susceptible to changing weather conditions.

By  Pauline Ikanda

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