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Trans Nzoia records low immunization amid Covid-19

The Health staff in Trans Nzoia County have decried the low turnout for immunization amid the coronavirus disease.

Speaking during a sensitization workshop on the importance of immunization among children at Township Primary school in Kitale Wednesday, the  Saboti Sub County in charge of Nurses, Millicent Mitei complained that many parents have not taken their children for immunization since the outbreak of the current pandemic.

According to Mitei, hospitals and clinics in the county have recorded low turnouts on early immunization jabs that include polio and BCG.

Mitei however, encouraged parents to take their infants for the early immunization jabs which she said are key to prevention against numerous diseases.

She said that the government had put in place mechanisms as the Ministry of Health guidelines to protect all Kenyans against contracting the disease.

She however, said that a research by the Ministry of Health in partnership with Kenya Aids Network Association had shown that some parents within the county were facing economic and social challenges that are hindering them from accessing medical services that include immunization.

“After a research was done across the county, poor road network to health facilities was among the many reasons that hindered parents from seeking medical services following heavy rains across the county,” she said.

Jackline  Wanjiku, a parent from Kipsongo slum who attended the workshop blamed the fear of coronavirus disease for the low turnout and asked health workers to once more reassure residents about their safety amid the spread of the disease.

By  Pauline Ikanda

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