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TSC official wants schools’ BOM to support teachers

Lugari Sub-County Teachers Service Commission Director John Wepoghe wants schools and communities receiving teachers from other counties to create a conducive atmosphere for them so that they can produce stellar national results.

Wepoghe said it was the responsibility of the schools and the communities to ensure their teachers get houses near schools where they are working from so that they don’t struggle during their stay.

He said some teachers transferred from other counties were not producing expected results in their general assignments because they were either operating far from their working stations or they were forced to work under unpleasant environments.

The Sub-County TSC Director asked the schools Board of Management to critically look into the working conditions of their teachers in terms of housing and their general welfare as they discuss the results of their schools.

He said it was important for the school BOMs and general schools neighbours to be concerned how their teachers fit into their community and how they can be helped to boost the performance of their children.

Wepoghe revealed that the majority of schools in Lugari Sub-County have their teachers stay outside school since there are no houses closer to the schools.

He regretted that some transferred teachers had turned alcoholic because the school BOMs and the communities closer were not concerned about frustrations teachers were undergoing during their work.

“We sometimes receive teachers who don’t drink alcohol but after frustrations they undergo in schools they have been posted to, they resort to heavy drinking as a way of nursing those woes,” he revealed.

Wepoghe proposed that it was a collective responsibility of the schools’ stakeholders to ensure teachers posted to their communities receive needed attention as they endeavour to improve their schools’ standards.

He said teachers understand TSC guidelines as they perform their duties but it was up to the schools and communities they are working in to ensure teachers were sober, motivated to attend all classes without fail.

The TSC Sub-County Director who was speaking at his office, Lumakanda on Thursday challenged Lugari residents to construct modern houses near schools so that teachers are encouraged to stay closer to their working stations.

By Geoffrey Satia

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