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Turkana Leaders Deny Covid-19 Infection

Turkana Woman Representative Joyce Emmanikor and Senator Prof Malachy Ekal have dismissed reports that they are suffering from Covid 19 disease.
The two spoke to the press at the county government headquarters on Thursday where they brushed off the reports as rumours.
“It is a shame that some politicians can use Covid 19 pandemic to gain political mileage,” said Emannikor.
On his part, Senator Ekal said he was shocked to hear and read in the social media that he was infected by Covid 19 disease yet he was at his home relaxing.

“The information is false and malicious,” said Ekal.
Turkana Central MP John Lodepe said Coronavirus was not a death sentence saying patients can still be treated and recover.
At the same time Turkana County Commissioner Muthama Wambua warned members of the public against spreading false information.
“I urge members of the public and political competitors not to introduce rumours on Coronavirus disease. This trend must stop,” said Wambua.
Wambua added that refugees at Kakuma and Kalobeyei camps would not be allowed to move out of the camps to curb the spread of Covid 19.
The administrator added that those refugees who had moved out of the camp would not be allowed back until the Coronavirus was contained.
He said the county security team had summoned the management of the camps after reports emerged that they had allowed refugees to sneak into the camp.
Wambua announced that traditional weddings were also banned as the county Covid 19 emergency response team increased surveillance to curb the pandemic from entering the county.
“Those who had engaged with the intention of getting married are free to be married but we shall not allow them to conduct weddings,” he said.
On his part, Governor Josphat Nanok also refuted claims that funds for fighting Covid 19 had been embezzled.
“We have not received any funds for Covid 19 pandemic therefore the section of the media who reported that funds had been embezzled should stop misleading the public,” said Nanok.
Nanok said it is only on Thursday that the county assembly approved the supplementary budget for the Covid 19 emergency funds among other critical expenditures.
The county government allocated shs 479,799,316 as an emergency fund to deal with the pandemic.
Elected leaders among them Turkana South MP James Lomenen, Turkana West MP Daniel Epuyo and Deputy Governor Peter Lotethiro and County security team also attended the meeting.

By Peter Gitonga

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