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Twelve families in Isiolo town left homeless

Twelve families from Mwangaza estate in Isiolo town were left homeless after unknown people demolished their houses in what is believed to be a land ownership dispute.
The victims claim they were not served with eviction notice to leave the area where they had lived for over three decades.
Speaking to KNA, Abel Gitonga and Charity Kathure said they lost their houses in the Thursday afternoon incident and condemned the influential individual behind their woes for failing to serve them with a court order.
They said they were not aware of who was behind their sufferings and called for justice to prevail in the process without causing them further misery.
The duo also claimed to have no identity of the person who is alleging to be the owner of the disputed land, nor the identity of whoever sold the land to him.
They are now appealing to  National Land Commission (NLC) and the County government to intervene in the matter and protect them from further exploitation by influential people who grab land and get ownership documents dubiously processed by the authorities.
The displaced people claim that the perpetrators were guarded by several security officers forcing them to just watch helplessly as their houses were brought down.
Led by local activists Lucy Mworia and George Kariithi, the victims vowed to seek court redress and get compensated for property damage.
By David Nduro

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