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Uber announces expansion plans in Kenya

Uber has announced new products, updates, features and expansion plans focused on travel, safety and delivery in Kenya.

Uber has launched two new products in Nairobi UberXL that provides seating for up to six people and extra luggage making it easier for large groups to travel together and Uber Chap Chap share that gives an option for customers to share their rides.

Speaking at Uber Offices in Nairobi, Uber’s Head of East Africa, Imran Manji stated that in order to help reduce costs for riders and increase demand for drivers, Uber is rolling out Chap Chap Share that gives up to 30 percent of savings on trip fares when a rider is paired with a co-rider.

Manji also announced the expansion of Uber into four new cities in Kenya; Eldoret, Nakuru, Naivasha and Kisumu.

“The expansion has made Uber available in eight cities across East Africa, with the aim of giving drivers access to more opportunities and providing riders with an affordable, convenient, and reliable travel solution at the tap of a button,” said Manji.

Manji added that Uber is launching Safety Check-up across Sub-Saharan Africa which will encourage riders to complete their safety profile by turning on and utilizing the available features such as Trusted Contacts, PIN verification, and Ride Check.

“Ride Check activates when you are on a ride and will bring a notification on your phone asking if you are okay or in need of assistance from Uber,” Manji explained.

He added that Uber Eats is rolling out new features across Sub-Saharan Africa such as Item Replacements, which allows consumers to select the next available item on the App if their preferred item is out of stock. The feature also allows for refunds if preferred.

“The delivery marketplace is a sunrise industry with the potential for massive development and expansion across the continent, with the potential to reach over 30 million people with Uber Eats’ unique technology-driven delivery services,” stated Manji.

Manji pointed out that Eats continues to push beyond boundaries with the adoption of the growing trend of dark stores, which gives non-traditional merchants opportunities to tap into unchartered markets that they wouldn’t have easily accessed.

General Manager for Uber Eats Kui Mbugua stated that with a 67 percent year on year growth of subscriptions on Eats, the Uber Company is humbled and encouraged by the expansion seen in South Africa and Kenya.

By Rita Muthoni and Lorna Mukami

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