UKCS Branch Officials Plan To Strengthen Workers’ Union

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Newly installed Lamu branch Union of Kenya Civil Servants (UKCS) officials have pledged to strengthen the workers’ body by carrying out a mass registration of members and ensure civil servants receive their retirement benefits on time.

Speaking to KNA, after winning  the Lamu branch chairmanship Ali Godana stated that there are plans underway to carry out a mass registration of civil servants to be under the union, especially junior staff, whom the officials state are underrepresented.

According to branch officials Lamu’s UKCS stand at approximately 400 members, which dwarfs in comparison to Mombasa’s which stands at more than 20,000 members.

He further stated that there are many issues affecting junior civil servants in Lamu, particularly issues related to hardship and extraneous allowance issues for staff employed within hospitals.

“When a civil servant joins the unions, complaints about stagnation, re-designation and lack of job training opportunities will be addressed amicably with the government regardless of if one is under the national or county government,” he stated.

Lamu branch secretary general Haji Shibu, who was elected for the second time, stated that there is need to add new members, especially young civil servants who are new to the union and may not be aware of their rights.

Haji stated that the goal for the union would now be to ensure that a new collective bargaining agreement is reached with the Public Service Commission as well as the Salaries and Remuneration Commission with the purview of ensuring an improvement in house, risk and commuter allowance terms.

“The CBA is clearly the next step for the union, now that the UCKS elections are done and dusted to ensure improved terms for civil servants across the country,” the Lamu branch secretary said.

UKCS National Deputy Organizing Secretary Mohammed Bwana who officiated the elections also stated that deliberations were already underway to ensure that there are better terms of service particularly for junior staff working in both the national and county government.

“Issues dealing with NHIF and the need for them to offer better terms of service for civil servants being one of the key contributors to the fund will be discussed later on the year, with the view of ensuring civil servants especially those in lower cadres get better terms of service when it comes to healthcare,” Bwana said.

A new team of the newly-elected civil servants union leaders Meru branch has promised to push for a vibrant union in the County and the country at large.

Addressing the media immediately after successfully winning the seat for a second term, the union chairman Mr George Koome said the task ahead is to defend workers under the county and national government against any misdeed in the course of their duties.

He said some of the concerns they will be soon be addressing included delay of salaries which he associated to cash crunch in the government.

“We want to revamp this union to be at par with others both at national and county level. We will only achieve this by ensuring mass registration of members which will go hand in hand with sensitization on the importance of the union,” said Koome.

He said it was the time for the unionists to get the value of their monthly deductions that goes to the union.

The Five officials vying for the Union of Kenya civil servants (UKCS) seats in Rachuonyo branch sailed through unopposed

The Rachuonyo branch UKCS election held at the Kosele County Council hall saw five officials get fresh mandate for another 5-years term after competitor shied-off.

The officials who were all running for a second term came into office in October 2016 in a hotly contested election that then saw one of the members who lost vowing to contest result in court.

The five officials are Samuel Kola Okode who retained the seat of Chairperson, Silas Ochieng Mado, Secretary General and Eliaz Odhiambo Ombim, deputy chairperson’s position.

Others who went through unopposed are Marren Atieno Tila, assistant treasurer, Lilian Akinyi Opar, Woman representative and Julius Omondi Obuya, the young workers’ seat

However the posts of the Assistant Secretary General and Treasurer were hotly contested with Steve Okoth Nyandiko and Beldine Adhiambo emerging victorious.

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