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Unemployed youths urged to register with Civil Society organisations

Unemployed youths in Migori have been urged to register with civil society organisations to help establish their population in the county.

Migori County Civil Society Vice Chairperson Titus Orwa said that the lack of proper statistics has made it impossible for the development partners to assist and effectively engage with the youths.

Orwa said that the identification programme will run for three months and urged the youths in the county to visit any civil society organisation near them for registration and identification.

The programme will be targeting unemployed diploma and degree graduates for identification purposes to establish their population and the careers that they undertook.

“The civil society organisations and their development partners cannot assist youths whose whereabouts are not known. Identifying unemployed youths through registration will enable us to have a database for easier engagement on how to help them,” noted Orwa.

He said that they have recommended all civil society organisations in every ward to help in the registration process to help the development partners in identifying current and potential graduates in the Kenyan workforce.

He appealed to the unemployed graduates to engage with civil society organisations in their area for the identification process in order to benefit from the programme.

At least 70 per cent of the Kenyan population comprises youth between the ages of 15-35, majority of whom are unemployed.

The 2020 Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) – Quarterly Labour Force Report also showed that youth aged 20-24 had the highest proportion of 14.2 percent of the unemployed rate in Kenya.

This is the group that is currently not working but is actively searching for work excluding those that are economically inactive such as the long-term unemployed or full-time students.

By Geoffrey Makokha

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