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Union for Dairy Industry

The County Government of Nakuru has lauded players in the dairy industry for joining hands to form a unionized organization, saying this serves as a model to other cooperative societies in the region to come up and form mergers to reap benefits therein.

The county Cooperatives Chief Officer Kibet Kurgat said the County administration is charting a course that will see the strengthening of the dairy sector to better serve the residents of the county.

Emphasizing the importance of a dairy farmers’ union, the officer said it enables farmers to collaborate, negotiate collectively, share knowledge and address common challenges, leading to a more sustainable and resilient dairy industry.

Kurgat noted that a union can establish and enforce quality standards for dairy products, ensuring that consumers receive safe and high-quality goods, which has enhanced the reputation of Nakuru’s dairy industry.

Speaking during a consultative meeting with the members at a Nakuru hotel Friday, he said the union would equip players in the dairy industry with a bargaining power, especially as the County is planning to launch a Revolving Fund, a low-interest rate loan for Cooperatives.

Through a union, the officer said, dairy farmers can work together to improve their market access, which includes negotiating with buyers to ensure a steady and fair pricing of their products.

However, the Kurgat regretted that the majority of the dairy farmers are elderly, and the unemployed youth in the county haven’t taken a keen interest in the industry, which was quite profitable when well managed.

One of the leaders of the dairy farmers’ John Karanja, said the union will provide a platform for farmers to share information, experiences, and best practices.

He added that by pooling resources the members can access critical inputs such as veterinary services and equipment at more affordable rates.

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