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University of Embu partners NGOs for Carbon Zero building construction

University of Embu has on Monday partnered with Kenya Climate Innovation Center (KCIC) and Gitutho Architects and Planners Limited (GAPL) in a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) towards a greener future through the development of a certified Carbon Zero building.

In the MoU the Green Innovation Centre which will be established in University of Embu will house and incubate entrepreneurs and businesses with the aim of addressing challenges of climate change and sustainable agricultural practices undertaken by locals.

The agreement will facilitate research, training, capacity development, sharing of facilities, joint organization of knowledge sharing and community service around green businesses and climate change.

Speaking during the signing of the agreement at Embu University, CEO Kenya Climate Change Innovation center Dr. Edward Mungai said the MoU will support agriculture-based technologies among other innovations from the University.

Dr. Mungai further noted that KCIC will facilitate business incubation and acceleration services by providing advice on related intellectual property rights and strategies, commercial licensing options for the technologies.

He also pointed out KCIC will fast track developing partnerships with commercial and industry partners for the purpose of deploying the technologies and innovations acquired.

The CEO said KCIC will also help Embu University where the Carbon Zero building will be set in  to access funding opportunities so that it can support research on agriculture based technologies and innovations .

University of Embu Vice Chancellor Prof. Daniel Mugendi noted that the building is a game changer to many undertakings being carried out by locals in Mt. Kenya region.

Prof. Mugendi lauded the partnership noting that the university will provide KCIC with a number of agricultural innovations and technologies which have been developed by the university or those which are underway so that it can commercialize them.

GAPL CEO Mugure Njendu said the construction industry has become one of the most significant sectors that have an impact on the environment through emission of gases in the atmosphere and that there was a need to address the challenge.

Njendu said GAPL through the MoU will strive to transform the construction industry through construction of environmentally sustainable buildings.

She further noted that the buildings should also promote health and protect the environment through design and conceptualization of the Green Innovation Center.

By Kimani Tirus

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