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Unlock the revenue formula, Migori Bishops call on Senators

Migori County Interfaith Council have challenged Senators to pass the controversial revenue bill as an important step towards easing suffering among Kenyans.

They said the money allocated to County Governments have direct economic impact on the lives of Kenyans and therefore the sooner they agreed on revenue sharing formula the better for the devolved governments services, especially on the health sector at the time of pandemic.

Led by Bishop John Okinda, Pentecostal Evangelical Fellowship Assembly (PEFA) Kenya Secretary General, who is also county interfaith council chairman, they said the continued stalemate on revenue sharing formula at the senate is hitting directly on common citizens who draw services from the County Governments.

“We beg that the honorable Senators come to an agreement because the sufferers are common mwananchi, remember if this money is not released in good time remember you and I are the sufferers,” Okinda said.

The PEFA Bishop tasked the senators to reach a common ground in their next sitting so that counties don’t suffer unnecessarily.

Bishop Esua Jobando Migori County Bishops Accord chairman described senators’ actions as increasing ‘human suffering’ a situation which can be stopped if the senator comes to an agreement.

He reiterated that the most affected are common Kenyans but not the senators.

The church leaders were speaking at PEFA County Cathedral- Migori on Friday after a meeting on church opening the first phase as advised by national interfaith council.

The leaders promised that churches will follow public health protocols after the government appointed interfaith council last week extended services from 60 to 90 minutes and raised the age of going to church from those aged 6 years to 65 years.

By Geoffrey Satia

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