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Unsettled land disputes in Kisii are root of major court offences

Unsettled land disputes in Kisii region have been observed to be the major cause of offences brought before courts.
This observation was made Friday by Zachary Maroko Kisii County Probation director while chairing the department’s case committee saying majority of offences are stirred by unsettled land disputes within families, neighbours or even clans.
“Offences of assault, property damage, and even murder, are necessitated by phony land deals and or unfair succession plans which compels the aggrieved person to take unlawful actions,” he said.
The director further said though the local administration handles land disputes amicably in their areas of jurisdiction, most people prefer escalating the matter to the courts with an intention of pursuing severe punishment, or revenge and thereby refuse to consider reconciliation..
Gucha Sub County Senior prosecution counsel, Peter Wainaina made the same observation while in the meeting. He explained that before they bring matters which have provision for reconciliation to court, they initiate reconciliation for the two aggrieved parties.
“We encourage them to settle their matter out of court but most of them insist that the only place the matter can be handled fairly is before the courts and the matter is then booked,” Wainaina said.
Mr. Maroko further said they do not force reconciliation for those who do not want it though it is viewed as the best approach to handle disputes.
“Our office has been very active in counseling probationers who have finished their sentence terms and prepare them to adjust in the community because people’s perception about them will not necessarily be positive because majority want them behind bars,” he said.
He promised to invite officers from the land’s office during their public sensitization forums to emphasize to the citizens on the importance of handling land issues with sobriety since they always trigger lasting negative implications when handled dubiously.
By Deborah Bochere

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