Upcoming journalists face Sexual harassment

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Kenya Correspondents Association (KCA) National Chairman William Oloo says that sexual harassment is hindering the growth of young journalists joining the profession from colleges and universities.

The media guru who spoke in Bungoma on September 4 during KCA elections, Western Branch, adds that the menace has not spared existing journalists in the industry.

KCA National Chair William Oloo addressing journalists in Bungoma on Monday, September 4. Photo by Levi Ndamwe

Oloo said, however, that the Kenya Correspondents Association (KCA) is working with other media stakeholders to address the sexual harassment concerns.

“We have come to the conclusion after a series of meetings that sexual harassment is rampant in Kenya and Africa at large,” Oloo stated.

Oloo said that surveys conducted show that both females and males in media houses get harassed sexually.

According to Oloo, sexual harassment is making many journalists flee the profession.

The National Chairman called on senior journalists in the profession to help new colleagues execute their roles without fear.

He called on those who get harassed to report the incidents for immediate remedial action.

“We have developed an anti-sexual harassment policy that has been adopted by the top media houses in Kenya,” he said.

He added that media houses will mainstream suggestions made on ways to deal with sexual harassment in the sector and adopt reporting channels.

Ben Lusenaka, who was reelected the Western Region Kenya Correspondent Association Chairperson, lauded the members for unanimously re-electing him to serve in the position for the next three years.

He committed himself to leading fellow journalists in fighting the climate change crisis in the world by planting trees in Mt. Elgon Forest.

“I will ensure that KCA is at the forefront of fighting the climate change crisis, which has become a major issue worldwide,” he said.

By Levi Ndamwe and Roseland Lumwamu

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