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Urologists raise concern over high cases of undescended testis

Urologists have raised concerns over a high number of cases of undescended testis in children in Nyandarua and Laikipia counties.

Speaking during a three-day urological camp organised by Kenya Association of Urological Surgeons in Nyahururu Level Four Hospital, consultant Urologist Muigai Mararo said the cases are high in the two counties compared to other regions.

A spot-check at the Nyahururu County Referral Hospital theatre revealed that doctors attend up to 24 cases of undescended testis per month.

“Urology is the pathology of the urinary system. We are doing free care and free operation on children and adults both male and female.

The commonest problem we have encountered here is prostate enlargement and prostate cancer. We have also attended to patients who cannot pass urine because of blockage of the urinary system. We have also seen a lot of children with what we call the undescended testis. That means their testis are not in their normal position, they are at a position a bit higher or cannot even feel them,” said Mararo.

He said that it was worrying and has raised concern in the region both among the adult urologists and pediatric surgeons because it is in big numbers here compared to other counties where they have carried these camps.

The Urologist called upon mothers in the region and all mothers to always check out on their children for undescended testis or if the testis is in the required position and if an anomaly is felt they should get them checked as soon as possible by a qualified urologist.

Dr Mararo also added that the condition is rarely found in older persons adding it is more common in young people and is majorly associated with premature births.

He expressed optimism that they shall get the real reason why the number is high in Laikipia and said that one Urologist was undertaking research on the same to establish the major cause of undescended testis in these regions.

Kitovu Mburugu a member and chairman of the Kenya Association of Urological surgeons said if left untreated, undescended testis condition increases chances of the child getting cancer of the testis, it also exposes the child to trauma in case the child is hit by an object as it gives them a lot of pain and in extreme cases, can lead to infertility if the subject has bilateral undescended testis.

“It is important to be identified and treated early enough especially before the child gets to the age of two years.

For a child born in a hospital, the attending doctor is supposed to identify that but if it fails, whenever mothers are bathing the kid they can palpate the testis area to establish the exact position and if not they should report to the nearest hospital,” said Mburugu

Nurta Ali, a mother from Tana River County who had sought treatment for her son who is 6 years in Tana River, Isiolo and Mombasa Counties expressed relief after her son was attended to in Nyahururu hospital.

The three-day urological surgical camp event will wind up on February 23, 2022.

By Antony Mwangi

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