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Use of digital platforms helps Murang’a Sacco grow youth membership

A Murang’a Sacco has embraced the use of digital platforms in transactions with membership, a move that has attracted young people to join the society.

Chief Executive Officer of Amica Sacco James Mbui said the Sacco has since 2017 been getting more youthful membership after the organization adopted use of various digital platforms to transact a variety of services.

He noted that digital platforms have been a boon for members who carry on their transactions from whichever location they are, without visiting branches physically.

Amica, he noted, was some years back perceived as a Sacco for the elderly people considering a big number of the membership of the society comprises coffee and tea farmers.

Speaking after launching a refurbished Kiriaini branch on Monday, Mbui noted that currently, 65 percent of Sacco transactions are done through digital platforms.

“We opted to refurbish our branches and employ the use of digital platforms to attract young people to join the Sacco. Youth generally avoid saving part of their earnings but there are better ways to attract them to be members of savings and credit societies,” he added.

The Sacco, he noted, has been refurbishing its branches adding so far 13 out of 17 branch offices have been refurbished.

“Refurbishment of our branch banking halls and offices started a few years back and the Sacco spent between Sh15 to 20 million on the exercise. The remaining branches will soon be refurbished,” he added.

He called upon young people to embrace the culture of saving, saying credit facilities from cooperative societies are cheap and can be a source of finance for income generating investments.

“Let’s not leave Saccos to the aged. We urge young people to join cooperative societies and they will get the opportunity to source capital and do personal developments,” noted Mbui.

Meanwhile, he called upon the government to rehabilitate roads among other infrastructures in rural areas saying good road networks support investments especially in rural areas.

“Most of our branches are in rural areas and unfortunately are connected with poor roads. I appeal to the government to rehabilitate some of the roads as well upgrade others to bitumen standard to support and attract investments in rural areas,” he further stated.

By Bernard Munyao

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