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Utilize CDF Kitty to Fund Basic Education Infrastructure, MPs Told

Scholars want a huge chunk of the NG-CDF invested in the construction of infrastructure for basic education to get rid of the many deplorable classrooms seen in several parts of the country.

They said most MPs prioritize using the CDF to award bursaries to needy students and in most cases overlook the school infrastructure, with some areas having deplorable classrooms which are not conducive for learning.

Led by the National Association of Private Universities Secretary-general Dr Vincent Gaitho, they said although in some areas CDF has done well in funding infrastructure in primary and secondary schools, more money should be allocated to this sector.

They also raised concern that the money is used to fund students pursuing degree programmes that they can afford, rather than emphasizing on basic education.

“Why for instance should an MP award a bursary to Ph.D. students, yet in the primary schools, all classes are deplorable? MPs should get their priorities right and focus on improving basic education first,” said Dr. Gaitho.

They also raised concern that the issuance of bursaries from the CDF kitty is being used by MPs as a tool for political mileage to boost their popularity in the constituencies.

“It’s a popularity contest between MPs where thousands of people are invited to the various forums where the cheques are issued,” he said.

They also raised concerns that there was a multiplicity of too many bursaries of small amounts being issued by politicians.

“The individual grants cannot even buy shoes or uniforms for the pupils and students in schools and colleges. We should synchronize the various bursaries being given out by governors, MPs and MCAs,” he regretted.

Dr Gaitho, also the Mount Kenya University (MKU) Council Chairman also recommended that a bill be introduced in Parliament to authorize bursary funds to become revolving funds.

“Those who benefit from bursaries should pay back. Let’s make it sustainable through a revolving fund since we are developing human capital that eventually should become useful to the country,” he added.

By Muoki Charles

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