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Vandalism of street light hindrance to lighting project in Kirinyaga

The Sh 50 million Kenya power and Lighting Street lighting project between Sagana and Samson Corner has not served the intended purpose following vandalism by unknown people.

Large sections of the area between Kagio town and Njegas have no lamps raising a big concern from local leaders.

James Mureithi Kangara, an elder from the area, said it was beating every logic why some people would remove the streetlights put in place to assist the members of the public.

Kangara said police should move in fast and arrest the culprits to save the project from imminent collapse.

“I am also asking the Boda Boda people who operate along the route to be on the lookout and report to the police if they find anyone interfering with the street lights.

The Chairman Jubilee, Kirinyaga County, James Mureithi Kangara, who has expressed concern over the removal of street lights along the Sagana Samson corner route. Photo by Irungu Mwangi

He said the community living along the direction must own up the project and make sure they work with the security personnel in curbing the theft.

“I don’t want to believe some reports that some politicians could be behind the dirty work to make the project fail in an attempt to discredit those who were behind the installation of the street lights,” Wakangara said

He said leaders must be willing to support one another in the realization of development projects initiated in the area.

“Let the street lights be in place, those who will come later will have their opportunity to initiate their projects elsewhere, but let us not destroy what we already have,” he said.

Wakangara said police must also come up with a strategy of making sure they have seized those who may behind the vandalism.

“Police should initiate patrols along the route and establish those who are behind the massive destruction of the street lighting project,” Wakangara said

The Kenya Power and lighting company spent Sh 50 million in the installation of the lighting project.

The project was also envisaged to enable the residents to benefit from 24 -hour economies as well as making the area safe.

The area residents when contacted, however, seemed to have a different story, alleging the county employees have been involved in the removal of the lights to reduce the cost of the electricity bills, which is paid by the County Government.

Mureithi Kangara apart from being the County Jubilee Vice-Chair is also a Director with Tana Athi Water Services Board.

By Irungu Mwangi

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