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Vandals on radar over destruction of irrigation structures

Bura Irrigation Scheme Manager James Kirimi has said some people are now looking for scrap metal by vandalising irrigation scheme structures, interfering with the free flow of water supply to the farms.

The scheme manager blamed the scrape dealers based in Bura and Hola Towns, who have encouraged the vandalism incidents by buying the metals from people who are destroying the scheme structures for money from the dealers.

Mr. Kirimi said that if the vandalism incidents are not stopped, then food production in the schemes will be affected, resulting in low production and food shortages.

Speaking during the County National Government Services Delivery Committee meeting held Tuesday at the Hola County Commissioner’s board room, the manager called on County Commissioner Mohammed Noor to intervene.

Responding, the county commissioner who was chairing the meeting directed the police commanders in Tana River and Bura Sub Counties to move with speed to arrest the suspects and charge them immediately.

Mr. Noor also directed the scrap metal dealers in Hola and Bura to report to the police and ensure that their businesses are legally registered, or else they would be closed down.

He said the government will not allow businesses to interfere with the food security projects in the county.

By Simon Guruba

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