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Varsities asked to restructure programmes to meet job demands

In the wake of the soaring unemployment rate in the country, some universities have been forced to restructure their programmes and integrate technology to be able to make their graduates align with the job market.

KCA University, for instance, has heavily invested in Curriculum Review, Technology Integration, Soft Skills Development, Experiential Learning, Entrepreneurship and Innovation to prepare their students for the work environment.

Vice Chancellor Prof. Isaiah Wakindiki said universities have no choice but to align themselves to the new job market trends in order to make their students employable.

He said they have over the period introduced market-driven programmes, including ICT, to make students innovative, creative, and easily get and create jobs. 

“Technology and the job market trends are evolving fast, and as universities, we need to align ourselves and act for the sake of our students. We want our graduates to ably cope with situations of life in whichever dimension they confront them,” stated Wakindiki.

He was giving a public lecture on new job market trends at the institution’s Ruaraka Campus yesterday. 

Sitoyo Lopokoiyit, the MD of M-Pesa Africa and Chair of the KCA University Council, said most graduates fail to meet employer expectations due to non-market-oriented programmes that are being offered in the universities. 

He thus called on the need for institutions of higher learning to align themselves with new job market trends and have market-oriented programmes that will help their graduates get jobs fast. 

He cited the ICT sector, which he said has become one of the major employers that most students are tapping into.

“Currently, the job market has aligned itself with technology. The government, too, has been supportive of facilitating the sector through internet connectivity and ICT hubs, among others. Students and universities should also lead the line if they are to easily get or create jobs, Lopokoiyit said.

By Muoki Charles

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