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Vehicle distributor Companies partner to provide safe transport

Kenya’s leading motor vehicle distributor, Toyota Kenya has partnered with Pride Drive, a corporate car hire company to provide safe transport to corporate employees, during this period of Covid-19 pandemic.

The partnership was witnessed, during the handing over of a total of 18 HINO Kenya buses by Toyota Kenya, to Pride Drive, to enable the Company cater for the increasing demand of car hire services, following the government’s directives that Public Service Vehicles, observe the stipulated carrying capacity in line with Covid-19 protocols.

Speaking during the handing over ceremony held at the HINO Headquarters in Nairobi, Pride Drive, Managing Director (MD), Hasnain Noorani, said that the interest in corporate transport has increased, as corporations are looking for alternatives for their staff, following the reorganization of working schedules to avoid the spread of corona-virus in workplace.

“The government’s directive to maintain social distance, has impacted on our business and we have seen more than 35 per cent increase on staff transportation interests by major Kenyan corporates, especially the buses and vans,” said Noorani.

In his remarks HINO General Manager (GM), Omar Onsongo, said that Toyota Kenya would continue looking for more avenues as logistics enablers to corporate clients across the Country.

“One thing that we have all learnt from the pandemic, is that consumption of locally manufactured products is a sure way of supporting corresponding sectors and generally growing a country’s economy,” noted Onsongo.

He said currently HINO is able to support other industries such as the local content category, following Pride Drive’s addition of the HINO buses to their fleet.

Onsongo revealed that in addition to the 18 HINO buses handed over to Pride Drive, the partnership between Toyota Kenya and Pride Drive will see the corporate car hire company acquire 100 buses by 2025.

By Njeri Kariuki

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