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Vendors urged to relocate from road reserve

Vendors along river Kathita and Gitimbine area in Meru have been urged to relocate from road reserves for their own safety.

Meru Town Municipality Manager, Festus Mbaabu, pointed out that vendors selling their wares on the road reserves are causing safety hazards to motorists, pedestrians and themselves.

He  said  there has been increased  cases  of  people  being  knocked  down  due to  overcrowding caused  by vendors and  boda bodas.

“We  would like you  to relocate to  Gakoromone and  sell  your wares  from there, your customers  will come  to  buy  them from there” he said, adding that  he is keen to ensure that citizens’ lives are protected.

The  Town  Manager  noted that  most  vendors come  during  evening  hours  to target  customers  mainly  from   offices and  businesses.

He  said  his  staff will ensure  that  no   hawkers   will be  allowed  to display their wares along the route,  citing  the area being   a  black spot.

“On   Monday  this  week  a lorry  driver  narrowly escaped  death after  his  vehicle  had hitches with   breaks, hitting  five  vehicles and  a boda boda,” he said, adding  that  the incident comes barely three months after another lorry lost breaks killing four vendors and leaving several others with injuries.

He said the pavements along the roads are supposed to be used by pedestrians not for displaying wares.

“As you can see the County Government has embarked on planting different variety of trees on the road reserves as a way of conserving the environment,” he said, as he urged the vendors to sell their wares from designated places.

Susan Karambu, a vendor, said she buys her vegetables at Gakoromone Market and sells them along Kathita-Gitimbine route. She says she has been in the vegetable business for the last five years and the returns are handsome.

“Many vendors selling along Kathita River-Gitimbine route, normally source  their goods at  the main market which is downtown, we clean them  and sell them at  higher prices compared to Gakoromone Market,” she said, adding that the vendors mainly target  persons coming  from the work in the evening.

Karambu  noted  that  though  she  is aware of the danger  lurking  while  they sell on the  road reserves,  she has  no choice, citing  a lot of business competition at Gakoromone Market.

She acknowledged that several vendors have lost their lives along the route as they carry out their businesses.

“There is heavy traffic along this route occasioned by motorists, pedestrians and boda boda riders hence it makes it viable for vendors to target customers,” she said.

By Muguongo Judy




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