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Victims of flash floods in Suswa get support

Victims of flash floods in the Suswa area of Narok South Sub County can breathe a sigh of relief after the county government, in collaboration with the Kenya Red Cross, gave them foodstuff, bedding, and medicine.

Narok County Government Director of Disaster Management, Ms. Nancy Laboso, said the donation follows the listing by her department that established that four villages had been submerged.

She said the affected families were issued with blankets, maize flour, soap, sugar, mosquito nets, and canvas shoes to help them lead a normal life.

“We conducted registration of the victims in the Suswa area, and we were able to get clear statistics of the affected families. So far, we have established that four villages are in need of help in this area. The villages are: Eluwai, Oloirowua, Seneto, and Oloropil villages,” he said.

The families were asked to move to churches or schools that are on higher grounds as they await the water to subside to avoid incurring more losses.

A beneficiary of the relief food, Saitoti Muntet, thanked the county government for responding early enough and pleaded with the government not to withdraw support as the victims have no other alternative means of survival.

Another part of the county affected by floods is the Oloropil area in Narok North Sub County, where livestock were swept by the raging waters.

Leshings Topoika, a resident of the Oloropil area, said his 30 goats and three cows were swept away by the floods after a weeklong downpour.

Another resident, John Koilel, said his farm and pit latrine were submerged after the heavy downpour in the area.

According to a report from the County Meteorological Department, most parts of the county were expected to receive light rains this week, with no potential flood risk.

Narok residents have been urged to use the toll-free number 0800722984 that has been provided by the county government to seek any assistance in case of adversity.

By Ann Salaton

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