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Vihiga residents advised to be on high alert as heavy rains pound

The weatherman has appealed to families living in flood-prone areas in Vihiga County to relocate to safer grounds to avoid being swept away by imminent floods.

Vihiga County Director of Meteorology Godfrey Omusonga, made the passionate appeal when he briefed Kenya News Agency (KNA) Monday morning over the weather prediction in the county.

Raging floods at Lyanaginga village in Mungoma location, Vihiga County. The floods marooned about ten families who are now calling for government intervention

According to Omusonga, most parts of the county will continue to experience heavy rainfall, currently pounding the area, for the next two weeks.

“The weather forecast indicates that this region will receive moderate rainfall accompanied by flash floods and lightning within the first weeks of May,” said Omusonga, adding the rains will subside to near normal situation within the second part of the month.

Omusonga urged residents living in flood and mudslide prone areas, especially in several parts of Hamisi and Luanda Sub Counties, to be on high alert.

“Cracks in the soil are one of the most visible signs for looming mudslide,” Omusonga advised residents living in the zoned areas to be on the watch out for such signals and others.

He warned members of the public against walking in the rains to avoid being struck by lightning as well as getting swept away by floods.

“People should also be warned against sheltering under trees and leaning against grilled windows and doors during rain time to evade lightning,” added Omusonga.

The official encouraged farmers to liaise with agricultural officers in order to get professional advice on the best farming practices to engage during this season of heavy rainfall.

Elsewhere about ten families at Lyanaginga village in Mungoma location are appealing for help as floods threaten to submerge their house.

Vihiga County Labour Officer Wilson Luvavo who visited the village on Saturday told KNA that ten homesteads had been marooned by raging floods.

“However, families living downhill Munyanza face a high risk of being swept by the increasing floods,” observed Luvavo.

The officer was compelled to make personal foodstuffs donations to the families affected by the floods.

“I bought and distributed to the affected families foodstuffs, which included several packets of maize and wheat flour, packets of milk, tea leaves, cooking oil and biscuits,” disclosed Luvao who clarified he was purely a philanthropic initiative.

He, in addition, rallied members of the public who spent better part of Sunday digging trenches that eventually unlocked the marooned area.

“With help of the locals we managed to dig trenches and redirected the flooding water to the nearby Irina River,” said Luvavo.

By Maurice Aluda

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