Vihiga residents instructed to sue perpetrators of sexual abuse

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Residents of Vihiga County have been advised to stop resolving defilement cases at home, but to instead let the law take its course.

It has been noted that sexual abuse is so rampant in the area and surprisingly in some instances it is incest, where a father, uncle, brother or cousin defiles a relative and the most affected are underage girls.

This sorry state of affairs has prompted the area County Commissioner (CC), Felix Watakila, to sound a stern warning, to male adults who prey on teenage girls, consequently impregnating them and thereby disrupting their education.

Mr. Watakila lamented that teenage pregnancy is so prevalent and directed the Chiefs and  Assistant Chiefs to collaborate with the police and other stakeholders to ensure that justice is served to the victims.

He took issue with some parents and guardians who were deciding to settle the cases behind the scenes by negotiating agreements with the suspects.

“The suspects are supposed to be apprehended and prosecuted in the courts of law so as to deter other potential criminals from indulging in the same vice,” he asserted, adding that the offenders not only interfere with the girls’ education, but also condemn them to early motherhood.

Vihiga Sub-county Police Commander (SCPC), Joseph Muturi asked the people to obtain evidence such a medical report, so as to enable them process the charges against the suspects.

The SCPC appealed to the residents to join hands with the security agencies by providing information on bad elements in their midst for action to be taken.

By Sammy Mwibanda

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