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Vihiga residents urged to join the social security scheme

People working in the informal sector and those in self-employment have been urged to enrol in the social security scheme for protection in old age.

The National Social Security Fund (NSSF) Vihiga County branch manager Esther Kemei, says a good number of adults are still unwilling to save with the fund, yet it is the surest way to guarantee a comfortable life for the elderly.

The manager lamented that some people hold the notion that enrolling in a social protection scheme is a preserve for those in formal employment, terming it a misconception as everybody deserves a sustained good life for the full cycle.

Kemei said any adult with a national identification card is eligible to enrol in the fund under the voluntary contribution arrangement.

She stated that they are using public forums to sensitise the bodaboda operators, numbering over 5,000 in the county to embrace the scheme, disclosing that a substantial number have so far registered and are making the contributions.

“We are looking out for the juakali entrepreneurs, including stall owners in the open-air markets, matatu crews and luggage carriers, among others and encouraging them to voluntarily register and save with us,” she explained.

She said now that the operations have been digitized, one can easily register by visiting the NSSF website.

By Sammy Mwibanda

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