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Villagers shocked as man conducts funeral for hen

Residents of Maji Mazuri village in Lugari Sub County have been left in shock after one of them held a burial ceremony for his hen.

Joseph Omulayi sang dirges, read the Bible and prayed before burying the hen, before cementing the grave and promising to conduct anniversary in future.

Omulayi explained to shocked neighbours that he adored his hen and was saddened by its sudden death amid allegations that it was hit by someone.

“I bought seven chicks last year and took care of them to maturity but others were stolen and I was left with this one which had laid 12 eggs,” he stated.

He said it was about to hatch the eggs but unfortunately somebody hit it while on the nest thereby causing its death.

Omulayi said he fed his hen in the morning before he left for work but when he returned in the evening he found it lying lifeless on the nest.

The ‘bereaved’ man then sang dirges which attracted the attention of neighbours and passers-by who upon reaching his compound were perplexed by what they saw.

He then dug a 3feet grave, wrapped the hen together with the eggs in a white piece of cloth and buried it.

“I was informed about the incident and was shocked to find him mourning for the bird,” said Halima Daraja, a neighbour.

Another resident, Caroline Awinja said since she missed the episode, she is anxiously waiting to see him conduct an anniversary next year.

By  Sammy Mwibanda

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