Thursday, March 23, 2023
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Volunteers on home-based care lauded

Community Health Care Volunteers (CHCV) in Nakuru County have been commended for the support they continue to extend to the asymptomatic coronavirus patients who are under the home-based care programme.
The Chief Health Officer, Samuel King’ori, said the CHCV have done a sterling job which has seen over 1669 people successfully recover and continue with their daily chores without infecting their family members or community.
Speaking to KNA today, King’ori said currently they have 572 asymptomatic patients under the home-based care and their temperatures are checked by the CHCV on a daily basis.
In addition, he said whenever the CHCV come across changes in the asymptomatic patients such as increased temperatures or any complication signs they immediately refer them to the nearest hospital.
He said the CHCV workers were paid a stipend of sh. 2000 per month and they have been assigned the role of assisting the government to promote the ministry of health protocols against the spread of coronavirus pandemic.
Apart from that, the Public Health Officer said they assist the National Government to identify vulnerable families who require relief assistance, which include maize flour, cooking oil, salt, tomatoes and soap.
He noted that the CHCV have assisted a great deal in reducing congestions in hospitals and that gives the medics an ample chance to assist only sick patients.

By Veronica Bosibori

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