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Vote tallying underway across Kakamega

Tallying of votes is underway in most of the constituency tallying centers across Kakamega.

A spot check by KNA has shown that the majority of Presiding Officers (POs) are in the tallying centers waiting to deliver ballot boxes.

The exercise is going on smoothly at Makhokho Secondary School Constituency Tallying Centre for Ikolomani Constituency and at Kakamega Hill School Tallying Centre for Lurambi Constituency.

Political Party agents, the media team, election observers and security officers are following closely as events unfold in the tallying centers.

Security has also been tightened as supporters of different candidates camp outside the tallying centers in solidarity of their candidates.

Meanwhile, activities in Kakamega are slowly coming back to normal following yesterday’s closure to pave way for the general election.

Various supermarkets opened while the town remained deserted in the early part of the day.

By Moses Wekesa and Anne Awino

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