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Voting Kicks Off Smoothly in Transmara

Voting in Transmara kicked off smoothly despite low voter turnout in most polling stations early Tuesday.

A spot check by KNA revealed the low voter turnout in most of the polling stations, as a few stations had long queues.

However, in the afternoon the situation seemed to change as more voters turned up to beat time.

In some polling stations, the KIEMS Kits presented a nightmare to polling officers leaving voters frustrated.

Transmara has two constituencies namely; Emurua Dikirr and Kilgoris Constituency. Kilgoris Constituency has 191polling centres whereas Emurua Dikirr has 54.

Narok Governor Samuel Ole Tunai who is vying for the senatorial seat cast his voter at Ilkarian Primary School in Transmara South.

The Governor who has reached his constitutional term limit and therefore could not defend his seat urged voters to remain calm and maintain peace during and after the exercise.

By Isaiah Nayika

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