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Vulnerable families get decent shelter

13 vulnerable families from Kiasa village in Mavoko Constituency have received decent shelter worth sh. 20 million from Machakos County government in collaboration with Habitat for Humanity.

Machakos Governor Wavinya Ndeti at her office signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Habitat for Humanity Kenya, where she committed to partner with the NGO in promoting access to decent shelter for vulnerable families in Machakos.

“I am excited that today some 13 families in Kiasa village of Mavoko constituency have benefited from decent shelter courtesy of my government’s partnership with Habitat for Humanity,” said Wavinya.

She said it was a very important day for her and the people of Machakos County as she signed an MOU with Habitat for Humanity, which will pave the way for progressive partnership that will facilitate better access to adequate and affordable housing.

“I am confident that my government’s strategic engagement with development partners in the area of housing will provide solutions for shelter for our people,” added Wavinya.

Wavinya said she looks forward to deepening ties with such partners in order to fulfill the God-given obligation to serve Machakos people and congratulated the lucky families who have benefited from the noble activity.

She added that owning a decent home has become a challenge for vulnerable Machakos residents during this post Covid period.

The Governor said the MOU is expected to unlock doors for thousands of vulnerable people in Machakos whose dreams of owning a good home have been out of reach for many years.

She further pointed out that the signing of MOU has come at the perfect time for locals as they are still trying to lift themselves from the tough economic times occasioned by Covid 19 and climate change.

Wavinya also hailed the Habitat for Humanity partners for installing a computer library for Machakos School of deaf and 10 computer laboratory projects to Machakos County

Habitat for Humanity was led by the organization’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Jonathan Reckford who assured Machakos people of future progressive engagements which will yield mutual benefit.

Mr. Reckford on his part said the only way they can do better as a county or country is to partner, whether it’s the Public sector, private or Civil Society and coming together to achieve a common goal.

He added even though housing is not the only need for vulnerable families, it is a great foundation for a child growing up.

“A child growing up in an adequate house is safe and healthier and does better in school because of the good foundation,” said CEO Reckford.

He warned that if they stop providing adequate shelter then the children will be open to bad health outcomes, worse education outcomes and they will be stuck in a cycle of poverty.

He promised that his organization will further construct 60 more affordable houses for vulnerable families in Machakos County so as to improve the lives of Machakos residents.

Habitat Kenya started in 1982 and supports marginalized or vulnerable groups in communities such as orphans, widows, the elderly, and persons living with disability who are living in dilapidated housing conditions, lack access to water and proper sanitation facilities and earn less than US$1 a day.

Habitat Kenya mobilizes global and local volunteers and community/corporate partners to help build affordable, low-cost houses and promote home ownership for these vulnerable groups as a means of breaking the cycle of poverty.

By Anne Kangero and Easter Kioko



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