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Vulnerable groups asked to familiarize with tendering requirements

The Kenya Rural Roads Authority (KeRRA) has advised persons living with disabilities and those from vulnerable groups to familiarize themselves with the tendering requirements at the Authority to enable them benefit from government funds to finance their tenders.

KeRRA Deputy Director of Supply Chain, Catherine Kagangi regretted that most of their stakeholders from the vulnerable groups were unable to apply for tenders because they lacked financial start-ups which they could easily access from government funds including the hustler fund.

She said KeRRA was committed to reaching out to the vulnerable groups in order to achieve the 30 per cent requirement by law and the Public Procurement Act section 55 which states that 30 per cent of tenders should be given to youth, women and Persons with disability.

She however regretted that most people from vulnerable groups especially the PWDs were unable to secure tenders because they do not go through the selection process due to certification saying that they are sensitizing them to understand what is required of them to apply for the tenders.

Kagangi added that most vulnerable persons were also not aware about certificate renewals which she said results to many being locked out and unable to lobby for jobs at KeRRA.

KeRRA Director General, explained that authority had set aside 30 per cent of their annual procurement budget to be used for sensitization of the vulnerable groups, to empower them with knowledge on the tendering process at KeRRA and the requirements.

She explained that one of the crucial requirements to get a government tender was having a registered company, which she said most of the stakeholders from rural areas were unaware of.

Kagangi said KeRRA had lined up a series of sensitization workshops to enlighten their stakeholders on how to register and lobby for government tenders, particularly at KeRRA which operates in the rural set-up.

“We are open and ready to advice and guide whenever called to do so to ensure all Kenyans benefit from government tenders,” said Kagangi.

At the same time, the Deputy Director cautioned the stakeholders on the tender products where she advised that once one gets a tender, they should keenly check on the specifications of the products required so as to deliver the correct quality products.

She said government agencies have in the past been forced to reject products provided by the suppliers who do not follow the specifications leading to huge losses being incurred by the suppliers.

Kagangi confirmed that their tenders are advertised on their official websites and on MyGov newspaper that is published every Tuesday and advised the potential persons to be on the look-out and follow all the requirements to qualify for such tenders.

KeRRA is mandated by the Kenya Roads Act 2007 to carry out functions of development, rehabilitation, maintenance and management of rural roads in the country.

By Esther Mwangi and Charlotte Chepkemoi

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