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Waiguru promises to mentor young women leaders

A lobby group has installed Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru as the patron ahead of the 2022 general elections.
The Daughters of the Mountain Group while crowning the governor with the title said they had been inspired by her endurance in many fights she had weathered after which she beat all the odds to become a governor within the mountain region.
Daughters of the Mountain which has connections and networks across the country comprises of women in both professional and business fields.
A jovial Waiguru was adorned with traditional ornaments and regalia befitting a respected Kikuyu woman leader.
The group leader Ladia Mathia recalled how Waiguru left a lasting mark at the Devolution Ministry after coming up with the now well known and effective Huduma centers across the country.
“Kenyans will forever remember Waiguru for coming up with the Huduma Centers from where they access with ease various government services which they had hitherto only gotten in Nairobi,” Mathia said.
Mathia also recalled how the governor was fought left-right including many summons by the National Assembly and the Senate which she all endured making her the most focused woman who cannot be easily cowed or bowed by men.
Waiguru who accepted the position said she will continue to crusade for women empowerment within the male dominated political arena.
“By bestowing me with this honor I promise to continue mentoring young women to aspire for high office within the political, business, and professional leadership in order to break the male dominance cycle in these spheres,” she said.
She urged the womenfolk to support one another reminding the gender that it had too few members to afford to pull each other down.
The governor also affirmed her respect to former Justice Minister and one-time Gichugu MP Martha Karua for her struggle and pioneering of women leadership.
“I have a lot of respect for Karua for what she has fought for on matters of women empowerment and leadership and even though I won the gubernatorial seat in 2017, I still hold her in high esteem,” Waiguru told the lobby.
The lobby had met the governor at her Kagio town residence Thursday evening where she promised to work hard to attain their aspirations.

By Irungu Mwangi


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