Wajir County Commissioner calls for end of FGM

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Wajir County Commissioner Jacob Narengo has urged youth to desist from abusing drugs in order to fulfill their calling as future leaders.
Addressing residents of Wajir during Mashujaa day celebrations on Tuesday, the County Commissioner instructed National Government Administration Officers especially chiefs to be vigilant to curb the use of illegal substances by young people in the County.
“The youth are the leaders of tomorrow and should determine their future by focusing on activities that will benefit them in future,” said Narengo, adding that the kazi mtaani (National Hygiene Programme) has gone a long way to reducing idleness among the youth in the face of Covid-19 restrictions.
“As national government officers, our mandate is to ensure that government programmes are implemented to the letter,” reiterated the County Commissioner.
Narengo also gave notice to Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) practitioners saying that the practice should be eradicated in the County by 2022.
He said that circumcisers had been profiled and identified by location and village and they would be arrested and arraigned in court.
The County Commissioner also warned those practicing rape and defilement and said that such cases should be taken to court but not resolved out of court through the Maslah system.
Politicians were also put on the spot and told to desist from inciting communities against each other to win votes.
Saying the Corona pandemic is still with us, Narengo called on residents to observe health guidelines and protocols to curb new infections of the disease.
By Donald Ngala

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