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Wajir County unveils initiative to combat pollution

Wajir county government has announced plans to repurpose plastic waste into valuable resources in a move towards environmental conservation and sustainable development.

Speaking at a stakeholders’ engagement meeting held on Monday at a Wajir hotel, Governor Ahmed Abdullahi said the initiative is aimed at transforming plastic waste into cabro and building blocks for the construction of 130 Early Childhood Development Education (ECDE) classrooms.

Governor Abdullahi underscored the dual importance of tackling plastic pollution while simultaneously addressing critical infrastructure needs within the county.

“By repurposing plastic waste into building materials, the initiative not only tackles environmental challenges but also contributes to the expansion and enhancement of educational facilities,” remarked Abdullahi.

He said the cornerstone of the initiative involves the establishment of a state-of-the-art recycling plant dedicated to the transformation of plastic waste into versatile construction materials.

The governor said that the county government has already allocated land for the plant, demonstrating its steadfast commitment to implementing sustainable solutions to pressing environmental issues.

“This innovative approach highlights the untapped potential of turning waste into valuable assets, paving the way for a cleaner environment and improved infrastructure in Wajir County,” emphasised Governor Abdullahi.

Furthermore, Abdullahi called upon the Wajir municipality to collaborate closely with other stakeholders in the county to ensure success of the initiative.

“The municipality and its staff must work hand in hand with other stakeholders to fully harness the benefits of this transformative project,” urged Abdullahi.

He at the same time stressed the importance of modernising revenue collection processes within the county.

The county boss advocated for the automation of revenue collection systems to streamline operations and enhance efficiency.

“As we collect revenue, it is imperative to embrace automation, ensuring that funds are directed seamlessly to the appropriate accounts without the need for intermediaries,” stated Abdullahi.

By Hamdi Buthul

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