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Wako Takes US Head Over Travel ban

The former Attorney General (AG), Senator Amos Wako, has challenged the United States of America (US)to furnish him and Kenyans with the information  on corruption allegations that has necessitated him and members of his family to be banned from entering the US.

Mr. Wako who is currently serving his second term as the Busia Senator, said the allegations he and his family are said to have been involved in were done 10 years ago and wondered why they have never been mentioned, investigated or prosecuted.

“On the contrary I have been a witness in the Anglo-leasing case and wonder why the person doing so is delving into history,” said Wako.

Wako added, “I am a baffled and perplexed person because this information has come out of the blue without any notification. I have not been given the right to be heard on any of the allegations,” adding that the accusation is an old story being resuscitated to reasons best known to the person doing it.

Issuing a press statement at the Parliament buildings today, the former AG said as a person, he is entitled to ask where  the other commitments of the US on issues touching on the Constitution and Laws that talk of human rights, noting that the allegations should have been done in writing in terms of Natural Justice.

Wako said as an individual and the people of Kenya there is need for full information of the investigations leveled against him, his wife Flora Ngaira and Son Julius Wako as stipulated in the Freedom of Information Act.

The Senator who termed the allegations defamatory in nature demanded that United States share with him the full particulars of the allegations on corruption against him, wife and son.

“I challenge him to give me information where police completed their investigations and came to my desk and I refused prosecution to take place,” he said.

The former AG said he retired as an Attorney General in August 2011 and over the eight years he has never been a member of the Executive.

Senator Wako confidently said that, he is a man of integrity and that is why he was elected twice as the Senator of Busia County, as a member of the International Law Commission at the 61st Session of the United Nations General Assembly, as President of Assembly of the International Seabed Authority and as Deputy Secretary-General of the International Bar Association as Chairman of the law Society of Kenya.

“I am confident of my integrity and have nothing whatsoever to fear or hide, Kenyans need to know the truth. Failure to provide information will put it into question their quest to fight corruption,” stated Wako.

He said his family was not involved in running his office operations and should be left in peace because they have a life to lead, saying their mention was in bad faith.

“My son is a grown up and a successful legal practitioner with all the expertise in legal matters and is leading a very independent life,” said Wako, adding he is a person with responsibility and members of his family should not die for his sins.

While in office as the AG, he was totally indifferent in the revocation of his visa and was travelling to the US as a Commissioner of the International Law Commission of United Nations, and as President of the Assembly of the International Seabed Authority and Deputy Secretary-General of the International Bar Association and as Chairman of the law Society of Kenya.

“I am happy that I have been able to work efficiently in the national, regional and international spheres,” said Wako.

He said his Attorney is working very hard to get the information which he has has been looking for in the last six months.

On Monday this week, the US Secretary of State, Michael Pompeo, said the former AG, His wife Flora and son Julius were ineligible for entry into the United States for engaging in corruption.

A US official said the graft allegations took place when he was still the AG.

By Bernadette Khaduli


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