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Wanga extends tax holiday for another seven days 

Homa Bay Governor Gladys Wanga has extended the tax holiday in the county by another seven days as re-organisation of revenue mobilisation structure continues apace.

Speaking during a briefing on the preliminary findings by the revenue administration task force in her office, Wanga said that she has extended the tax holiday to October 5 to enable the taskforce to continue with the auditing process.

The Governor said that the initial 15-day task holiday has given the taskforce the opportunity to carry out its preliminary work. Wanga noted that the taskforce worked with vigor and produced a preliminary report.

“It is commendable to note that the taskforce embarked on the task with vigor and within the first 15 days, it has produced a preliminary report,” said Wanga.

According to the preliminary report, the main challenge affecting Homa Bay County was revenue leakages occasioned by poor debt collection, ineffective revenue administration structure, and risky cash-based transactions among others.

During the briefing Wanga was flanked by her Deputy Joseph Oyugi Magwanga and County Secretary Donald Ogweno.

She said that they are introducing a cashless plan, which is meant to eradicate pilferage and theft of revenue collected.

The Governor said it was regrettable that Homa Bay County was among counties collecting less than 20 percent of revenue potential with respect to own source revenue.

“Actually we were ranked as the worst in as far as collection of own source revenue is concerned,” said Governor Wanga.

The Governor promised her administration will put in place immediate remedial measures to reverse the trend once the final report is out.

Wanga said that the measures include restructuring revenue collection establishment, enhancing oversight, putting in place integrity assurance programmes, providing support to the compliant revenue contributors among others.

By Otieno Angela and Davis Langat


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