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Wash our men, Nyahururu women plead

Drama unfolded at Mamboleo Trading Centre on the outskirts of Nyahururu town, when seven men were forced to take a bath in a river in full view of the public.

It all started when their wives expressed their grievances and concerns that their husbands, who were habitual drunkards, refused to take bath at home, causing an alarm in the family.

The women approached the motorcyclists in the area, pleading with them to give their husbands a bath by force.

“Our husbands have been neglecting themselves and got lost in the world of alcohol since they were jobless,” said one of the women Ms Lucy Murage.

The seven were captured at their usual joint at about 3pm, the chilly downpour notwithstanding, frog-matched to the river, more than a kilometer from the trading centre for the scrub.

Their neighbours, who cheered them on, said that, it had been their concern that the reputation of those families was at stake knowing that they were reputable people in the neighbourhood.

One of the Boda boda guys, Morris Kamau said that the public wash was to serve as a lesson to other men who would fall in the same situation.

“It is really embarrassing to have men smell like he-goats and still call themselves men. When these women approached us, we found it helpful to have them washed,” he remarked noting that it was a warning to fellow men who got lost in drinking.

“Since the President’s directive to have bars closed at 7 pm, we are happy to have our husbands at home early and clean too. It has been a difficult journey to survive with the bad odour of a grown up man,” said Ms Irene Gathondu, whose husband also got a complete makeover after the chilly bath.

Most women appreciated the decision made by the President, regarding the opening and the closure hour for pubs and bars, saying that this will help their men recover from alcohol addiction.

By Judy Nderitu

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