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Water Agency launches borehole projects in Timau

Tana Water Works Development Agency (TWWDA) has launched the drilling of a borehole at Maritati AP Camp that is set to end the perennial water crisis in the area as well as the upcoming Timau Municipality.

Speaking during the launch, Mr Wanyaga Gathaka, the TWWDA Chairman, said the agency was already set on a mission to explore ground water in the semi-arid region in order to solve the perennial water shortage once and for all.

He said the government had already set aside Sh8 million for the project and was ready to add more in order to distribute water from the borehole to the neighbourhood and the Timau municipality at large.

“At the moment we are doing the drilling part after which we will do water testing once we strike it. If it will be enough for consumption by the entire community, then we will undertake the distribution exercise and the government of Kenya is ready to add more money for the project,” said Mr Gathaka.

He added that the drive to drill the borehole at Maritati was driven by the growing population in the area and which in return will require more water in their day-to-day activities.

“Demand for water in this area is increasing proportionately with the population and we therefore needed to address this issue by having such a water source considering that there are no rivers around this place,” said Mr Gathaka.

Buuri MP Mugambi Rindikiiri said the project will benefit at least 4,500 households in the area and this would go a long way in addressing water shortage in the constituency.

He said the move comes after a meeting held mid last month that centered on the water catchment area site visits that were meant to look for feasible solutions for the water crisis in the region.

“We are very happy that TWWDA, through Mr Gathaka, has promised to put up an office in Buuri for easier engagements with the community in future,” said Mr Rindikiiri.

He also promised that the Timau Municipality sewerage project with the TWWDA and other water projects in the constituency will also commence soon.

By Dickson Mwiti


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