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Water project resolves water shortages for five villages

Residents of five villages in Homa-Bay town East ward have a reason to smile after a donor sponsored a water project at a cost of Sh 7 million.

The water project, which is being implemented at St. Austin Masakla Catholic Church compound in Masakla village will serve an approximate population of 4,500 households and help resolve perennial water shortages which has plagued the community for many years.

Lawyer George Miyare, the project sponsor, said he raised part of the seven million from friends to save residents from the problem of perennial water shortage.

“The money used in this project is a charity from me in partnership with my friends to assist the residents. We know that this community has been facing water problems for a long time and we decided to come to their aid,” he said.

Miyare said the objective of the initiative was to reduce the long distance that the residents have been covering to look for clean water for domestic use and for their livestock.

“This water has been sampled and taken for testing and declared fit for domestic use and for the livestock,” Miyare added.

He said the project will benefit the residents of Masakla, Otaro, Manga, Imbo, Kopiyo and the neighboring villages of Kochia ward in Rangwe constituency who have been without clean water for a long time.

Residents expressed appreciation for the project, saying it will be a blessing to the community because it will boost agricultural productivity.

Project Board of Management Chairperson Odongo Opere called on members of the community to own the project to ensure it creates impact through improved livelihoods.

The Chief of Kothidha location John Omamo said the government will provide security for the installation and warned the members of the public against vandalizing the project.
By Davis Langat

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