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Water projects to ease shortage for Kwale residents

Kwale Governor Salim Mvurya has commissioned the Mwakalanga Dam water project in Mwereni ward, Lunga Lunga sub county.

Mvurya said his administration is committed to making sure residents in Matuga, Kinango, Lunga Lunga and Msamwbeni sub counties access clean water.

“The main purpose of this project is to provide clean water for humans, livestock and for irrigation. I am happy that Phase One of the project has met the expectations. The people of Mwakalanga will no longer walk long distances to get water,” said Mvurya.

Mvurya on Thursday urged area residents to support the county government’s efforts in implementing sustainable development projects.

Phase One of the project involves laying a 1km pipeline with taps at the water points, troughs and a Composite Filtration Unit (CFU) all for human and livestock use.

The 696,900M³ Dam will also be used for irrigation purposes by farmers in the region adding that water is an essential commodity and if used for agricultural production, it can help boost food production.

The county boss said phase two includes putting up an elevated steel tank and laying a pipeline and water kiosks to Mwakalanga A, B, and Naserian villages.

He disclosed phase three would involve installation of water pumps to distribute water to Petulani, Magombani and Kalalani villages respectively.

“Phase Four will involve establishment of a pipeline stretching to Kilimangodo and Mwangulu shopping centers,” he said.

The governor who was accompanied by his deputy Fatuma Achani said the water projects being implemented by the devolved unit were expected to ease shortages of water in the coastal county.

“All the water projects that we are undertaking are to increase the supply of drinking water for human consumption, for livestock use and irrigation purposes,” he said.

The governor and his team later visited Dziweni dam in Ndavaya ward which is already full with water and has a capacity of 95,000m³ and pumping solar power.

“We have also put up a treatment plant and residents of Dziweni are accessing clean water.  In phase two and three we are extending water pipelines to Ndavaya centre and as far as Mwachande,” he said.

The dam has a capacity to serve over 50 acres of land, where locals will have an opportunity to earn a living through agricultural activities.

“As a county government we are determined to provide the right expertise, infrastructure development and resources for citizens to be able to make a living,” said Mvurya.

By Hussein Abdullahi

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