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Water Shortage Hits Lodwar for the Second Week

Residents of Lodwar town have gone without water for the second week now.

Taps have been without water for the last one week forcing residents to buy water from vendors.

No statement has been forthcoming from Lodwar Water and Sanitation Company or the county government so far. Efforts to reach the company proved futile as the calls went unanswered.

Lodwar Residents queue to fetch water. The town has had water shortage for the last two weeks. Photo by Peter Gitonga

“We have gone without water in our taps from last week. We are forced to hire motorbikes to fetch water from nearby water source,” said Mike Ela, a Lodwar resident.

Another resident Mary Akai said they fear of an outbreak of waterborne diseases due to the water scarcity.

“We fear for our lives because we are not sure of the safety of the water we are buying from vendors,” she said.

This is not the first time that residents have had to go without water. Last year Lodwar residents were hit by water shortage due to destruction of boreholes by floods.

By Peter Gitonga

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