Wavinya introduces new county inspectorate uniform

Counties Editor's Pick Governor Machakos

Machakos Governor Wavinya Ndeti has unveiled a new uniform for the County Inspectorate Officers.

In a ceremony held at her office Wednesday, the governor said the new uniforms would help weed out imposters who have been using the old uniform to commit crime after being discharged from service.

She noted that “the new uniform is crucial in safeguarding the identity and integrity of our officers because there are some criminals who are misusing the old uniform to extort money from the public,” added Wavinya.

She urged the officers to ensure they wear their uniform while on duty and to always identify themselves to the public while enforcing law and order.

“We will have name tags on their uniform and issue each officer with staff cards for ease of identification,” said the Governor.

Wavinya added that the new uniform was transformed from brown to blue colour which is drawn from the County’s crest and is part of the county’s wider rebranding efforts but should also signal a change of attitude of the officers when conducting their duty.

She noted that the inspectorate played an important role in the county by enforcing the bylaws set through the County Assembly.

Wavinya underscored the importance of the Inspectorate officers who are part of the administrators and relayed information from the communities to the relevant departments within the County Government.

She reminded the Inspectorate officers of their role in ensuring they achieved their revenue targets through enforcement of licensing and permits.

She hailed the officers for their pivotal role in coordinating faster responses in emergency situations and their dedication to making sure there is safe ground marking for effective evacuation and lifesaving operations in the county.

The Governor promised the officers that her government is committed to providing further training to the team so as to enhance their skills and performance.

Wavinya however warned them from mis- handling traders while performing their duties and asked them to be humane in the enforcement of law and order especially when dealing with People with Disabilities or other vulnerable groups.

“We have had cases of women in the market complaining of being mishandled by the Inspectorate officers and this should stop because there are ways of enforcing law and order in the market without resulting to violence,” warned the Governor.

By Anne Kangero

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