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We have increased security in Tallying Centres, Tana CC

Tana River County Commissioner (CC), Thomas Sankei, has assured that security has been enhanced in all the four Tallying Centres in the County.

In 2017 three people lost their lives in Tana River after a person who was armed with a knife stormed and stabbed an electoral official at Hola Secondary School tallying centre.

The County Tallying Centre will be at Mau-Mau Secondary School, Galole Constituency (Hola Primary School Hall), Bura Constituency (Bura Country Club), and Garsen Constituency (Garsen High School).

“Our four Tallying Centres have been given adequate security; the experience of 2017 will not be repeated. This time round only those who are accredited or those who are authorized to visit the Tallying Centres are going to be allowed, otherwise, the area is well secured,’’ said County Commissioner in his office.

The Tana River during this period is very calm. Something we want to assure our citizens. Security during the election is well prepared, we are ready, and all the security units are well prepared.

He implored voters not to go near tallying centres if they are not accredited by the electoral body lest they are arrested.

The County Commissioner extolled candidates for conducting their campaigns peacefully during the campaign epoch which lapsed on Saturday.

He said, “We expect the election to be very peaceful. Tana river is known to have problems during the election but for this period we are well organized and we expect a peaceful election. Everyone has preached peace and we expect everyone will be peaceful,’’.

He added that in the Garsen Constituency in areas like Miticharaka, Kipini, Ozi, and Kilelengwani, where there were some security concerns, they have dealt with and there are people who were suspected of harbouring a criminal agenda arrested.

By Sadik Hassan

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