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We Need to Improve on Marketing Tourism, CS Mutua

The Ministry of Foreign and Diaspora Affairs will partner and work closely with the Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife and Heritage to enhance the overseas marketing of Kenya’s tourism sector.

Speaking to the media during World Wildlife Day on Friday, Cabinet Secretary in charge of Foreign and Diaspora Affairs Dr. Alfred Mutua expressed concern that Kenya receives about 1 million tourists compared to some nations which receive over 20 million visitors and are less endowed with diverse tourist attraction sites compared to Kenya.

On budgetary allocation for the conservation of wildlife, Mutua said it is improving, adding that the country has been relying on financial support from overseas. “However, we need to help ourselves hence the need for marketing the country overseas,” he said.

Mutua revealed that over 200 elephants among other animals have so far perished across the country due to the prevailing dry spell. He noted the drought has not only affected the way life of human beings but also the way of life of wildlife and expressed hope that the world will take note.

He decried the fact that the African continent, which contributes only 3 percent of world’s pollution, is suffering due to immense pollution by other continents which contribute about 97 per cent of the pollution, and called for compensation by the other continents for the effects of climatic change.

Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) Director General Mr. Erustus Kanga said conservation of wildlife can only be fully realized when all well-wishers come on board and actively engage in conservation

Kanga also lauded the local community for the critical role it is playing in conservation of wildlife. However, he highlighted that wildlife is facing a myriad of challenges, with the prevailing drought being the current main challenge.

He called upon well-wishers and other key players to compliment what KWS and the Ministry of Tourism are doing in providing fodder and water for the animals.

The World Wildlife Day was celebrated nationally at Amboseli National Park, with the Cabinet Secretary in charge of the Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife and Heritage as the chief guest of honour.

By Kimani Tirus


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